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1956 > 2019

That of Ciak Roncato, family conducted business, producer of travel articles, is undoubtedly an important anniversary that has seen three generations at the helm of a dynamic, young and innovative firm currently trading as CIAK Roncato.
With strong links to their origins in the hard-working and generous north-east part of the country, often the engine of the country’s economy, they look at the world with the certainty and calmness of one who has a clear knowledge of his ability.




Antonio Roncato began to manufacture fibre trunks and suitcases, founding the “Roncato Antonio Baulificio”.


The company expanded further. The brand of the Italian company began to enter all Italian homes through the television proposing its aluminium suitcases with rubber corners. The “CIAK 101” has been a success.


Commerce intensified thanks to public organizations for which the company became official supplier. In the 90s Roncato began to trade on foreign markets participating to specialized fairs.




Carlo Roncato and his wife Marisa Bano create the brand CIAK RONCATO.
A new product, the “ROYAL” suitcase in thermo-formed ABS, joined the rigid and soft cases. In the field of suitcases it represents a revolution: the innovative design is characterized by a rounded shape, elegant vertical lines on the bodywork and a central handle in anodized aluminium.


The young and dynamic company is successful on the domestic market thanks to modernization and to the application of technology to its products.In 2002 they also achieved the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, a seal of quality for Ciak Roncato Company.


Ciak Roncato invests in the Vintage collection: an old style Made in Italy one. Suitcases, trolley cases, trunks, closet trunks produced with elegant and important materials such as Italian leather and luxurious fabrics. Thanks to this collection, the Company gets good results in different Countries. The new brand Baulifico Italiano was born.

Carlo Roncato



New Generation

A new innovative travel collection is born: TO DO. “We were looking for something new and different. Each person is unique and deserves more. For this reason we created this collection” tells Carlo Roncato. In September, after long researches and studies, this collection came to life: this is the only suitcase on which you can draw. You can colour the countries on the map where you have been or where you would like to go, like a personal trip diary. TO DO continues to be a success in the world.


Anima Libera, the new brand of Ciak Roncato, is born. High quality polycarbonate luggage collections with screen in leather, aluminium or customizable plexiglass. A unique suitcase of its kind!


 New projects, new collections ready to be recognized in the world...stay tuned!