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Guarantee conditions

Baulificio Italiano Sorelle Roncato Srl observes strict testing of all its products to assure you using travel productsof maximum standards. Hence, should a problem occur with this Baulificio Italiano Sorelle Roncato Srl product (the“product”) and the problem results from manufacturing defects and workmanship, Baulificio Italiano Sorelle Roncato Srl shall, on its assessment, either repair or replace the Product in accordance with the warranty termsand conditions stated herein.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not coverany damage caused by incorrect use, such as neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to solvents,acids, extreme climate conditions, normal wear and tear or transport damage (for example throughairlines). Incorrect repair and or maintenance performed by non –authorized parties void thiswarranty.

Baulificio Italiano Sorelle Roncato Srl is not responsible for damages to the contents of your luggage, for lostor stolen bags, or for consequential or incidental damages such as loss of use and suggeststhat you contact your airline or common carrier with claims of this nature before leaving theterminal.

Customers with warranty issues should contact an authorized repair centre in their area.Submission of duly compiled Guarantee Certificate and relative purchase voucher is obligatory.The only expense that the customer incurs is the cost of getting the product to a designated repaircentre; Baulificio Italiano Sorelle Roncato Srl covers all expenses from there including return delivery expense.

Pleaserefer to our website for nearest service and further information.